What is a sound fitness program?

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What is a sound fitness program?

What is a Sound Fitness Program?

Guidelines to a quality fitness facility.

A sound fitness program…

…meets your personal goals.

Our personal reasons and goals of why we engage in physical activity and fitness are endless. Besides the multitude of health benefits, including reducing our risks for obesity, many chronic diseases and relieving anxiety and stress; we also want to be able look in mirror and feel happy and at peace with our appearance. Go to a big franchise gym, they never care to ask what you want to achieve in your training time there. HIT2FIT wants to know your goals, otherwise how can we help you achieve them? We use your feedback and ideas to help tailor our workouts making our classes the very best for our students and their goals.


…is fun!

One of the most important goals for everyone in finding a solid workout program that is fun; unless you enjoy being active, you will find it very difficult to maintain your physical fitness. So many gyms and studios forget this important concept, but NOT for our instructors! Our friendly and outgoing staff and trainers make it a point to have your class experience be a highlight of your workout routine. We want every class to be the best hour of your day!


…includes variety and consistency.

Variety is critical to improving and maintaining your health and physique. Some people really enjoy doing similar activities day after day. However, most of us get bored with the same old fitness routine. It is imperative to understand you cannot do just one form of activity to achieve overall fitness success. For instance, participating in aerobic activities will improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health but will do little to improve muscular strength. To achieve that goal, we must participate in some form of resistance training, or exercises in which our muscles work against resistance. The same goes for mobility. Flexibility is achieved in stretching activities such as yoga, breathing and meditation. In all of our martial arts and group fitness classes, this structure of variety and consistency is the core foundation of how we base all of our workouts and planning curriculum. Incorporating different circuit and strength exercises daily breaks up this monotonous regiment leaving your mind and body always learning and enhancing.


…appropriately overloads the body

In order to improve your fitness level, you must place a physical demand on your body. A word of caution is in order here: overload does not advocate subjecting your body to inappropriately high stress. This can lead to exhaustion and injuries. In contrast, an appropriate overload on various body systems dramatically improves our strength, stamina, health, and longevity. Hit2fit’s modern equipment and live heart-rate monitoring constantly keeps your body in perfect balance of all your specific target heart healthy and fat burning zones.

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