KICK-N-FIT <span>KIDS</span>

Chicago's BEST kids martial arts mentorship program will help your child build and improve their ultimate confidence, focus, strength & behavior!

At Hit2Fit, we believe there are 3 pillars in raising child's life...their parents, their school and a wild card. That one variable can have a major impact and influence on their future!

Let KICKNFIT KIDS Martial Arts be your child's wild card. We want to be that influence, to instill that extra discipline, honor, respect, integrity, leadership, motivation, every parent seeks in their child. Our specialized monthly martial arts classes will guide your young student to step into a discovery zone for their mind and body, while providing a safe, yet fun environment. We provide challenging but motivating techniques to get your child moving and learning.

Hit2Fit Martial Arts demands every child's active focus and participation. The result is a team of inspired and proficient young adults with a drive for edification, leadership and a motivation to succeed.

Dear Parent, 

Our names are Anthony & Amanda Buoniconti. We are co-owners and head instructors of our martial arts school in Westmont.

As a husband & wife team, we know the importance of family. We all want our youth to discover the impact of a good character and strong values. This is why we created Kick'N Fit Kids Mentorship Program.

Our kids martial arts program is much more than just kicking and punching, it is about helping children evolve mentally and emotionally as well. As a parent, the discipline and focus of a child is hard work. You don't have to do it alone. At HIT2FIT, kids learn the progression of how to focus... how to be to work to succeed...

And as they achieve success, they start believing in themselves and development of confidence sky rockets!

They will learn life-changing character scenarios as well...From every day situations of when to use their martial arts to stranger danger to anti-bullying, we make sure your child is SAFE and HEALTHY

But we also understand they are kids, so while serious topics have to be covered, we make sure children are having FUN and ACTIVE as well. Every month we involve "kids" themed curriculum to keep their attention and involvement.

You don't have to just take our word, see what other parents and neighbors of Chicago's BEST kid's martial arts mentorship program had to say below.

We hope to meet your family soon.

Anthony & Amanda Buoniconti

"Teaching our children to be strong and to know how to protect themselves needs be our #1 priority. HIT2FIT gives them the tools they need to stay safe. I'm amazed by how much I've watched their confidence grow in just 1 month!"

Jessica P.

"We attend every week! My son and I attended their child abduction workshops in August... I absolutely recommend HIT2FIT to help parents tackle difficult topics with their kids and give them hands on training for those scary situations we all pray to God never happens to our kids."

Tina C

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Hit2Fit Classes

Bored with your same old workout routine? Every class is ALWAYS guaranteed to be a blood pumping, heavy bag-hitting workout, that ANYONE and EVERYONE can do. Your age or fitness level does not matter... All we ask is you give 110% every time! Live heart-rate monitoring combined with years of Jeet Kune Do training and HIIT circuits create a monthly curriculum for you, forcing you NEVER to get bored with workouts again. Challenging, engaging, but incredibly fun exercises will lean and tone, transforming you into a true fighter. We have a class for anybody and any "body"!