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HIIT to FIT: Your New Journey to Fat Loss

HiT2FiT Martial Arts & Self-Defense is founded by a husband & wife team whose mission is to change people's lives through martial arts and fitness. Decades of knowledge as both students and teachers, we strive to find a balance between high-performance training and teaching functional real-life self-defense tactics. You will blast calories while having fun! Martial arts is our lifestyle and now we want to provide the ultimate fitness experience for you. Enjoy combinations of the latest in music, techniques, and fitness technology. Our main goal is to help you achieve your goal! Join our HiT2FiT family and revolutionize the fitness industry.

Our gym is YOUR gym

Our signature high energy Lean HIT360 (HIIT boxing circuit training) and Mean FITMMA (Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts) classes combine the benefits of high performance training and live heart rate tracking into a truly fun, ultimate group-based workout suitable for all fitness levels. This modern hybrid fitness studio is for people who want to efficiently achieve maximum results, while connecting with others and most importantly…



We care about your overall wellbeing, join our program today to see how HIT2FIT will enhance every aspect of your life.


Workout smarter, not harder with our state-of-the-art heart rate training technology and equipment


All of our instructors are fully trained and qualified. You’ll never fall behind on your goals with the support and encouragement of our team.


Weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. Talk with our knowledgeable staff to get you on a personalized nutrition program to help you achieve your goals

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HIT2FIT is really “HIIT” 2 “FIT”

At Hit2Fit Martial Arts we use incredibly effective High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combined with our principal called FIT: Frequency, Intensity, & Time. We use inter-spacing, repeated short bouts of hard work followed by reduced recovery, which is not only more time-efficient but is scientifically proven to be 3 times greater with total calorie and fat loss during your exercise! However, HIIT greatest claim to fame is the effect on body's excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which refers to the increased oxygen intake the body experiences after a training sessions ends. We also call this the “afterburn” effect. The process of restoring your body to its rested state can boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours after a solid HIT2FIT workout! In other words, you burn calories and fat during one workout but even more calories and fat after one Hit2fit workout!

Our F.I.T principle is both simple and solid to follow.

Frequency refers to the number of activity sessions per week. It is proven through various scientific studies, training 3-5 times per week is optimal to achieve and maintain both cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. That is why we offer a variety of classes daily, 6 days a week. Intensity refers to the amount of effort expended. Or to put it another way, how difficult the activity is to perform.

Traditionally, cardiologist have used to indicate level of intensity during aerobic activities. At Hit2Fit, your weight loss and performance goals is backed 100% by this science. No more guessing how many calories you burned during your workout. Our customized workouts trains you smarter not necessarily faster. Time refers to how long a workout should be. Since our classes are based on higher intensity intervals, you now can spend more time enjoying life instead time spent at the gym. Don't get us wrong, we love having you here, but we also want you to get the best bang for your buck, in the least amount of time possible!

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“Weight loss is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the process!”

When you join Hit2Fit, you are not just a member of a gym. You join a community. We are a family of health and fitness minded individuals, sharing the same ambitions and goals.You are not alone on this journey. We get fit together. Why not surround yourself with support and encouragement? Hit2fit will lead you to success, bringing out your very best in every aspect of your life.

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Do you want...

The health benefits of cardiovascular wellness without the wear and tear of running on a treadmill?

To be able to defend yourself God forbid you need to in a real-life scenario?

Knowledgeable and hardworking staff to help and guide you in nutrition and motivation?

To be less stressed out about life in general?

The endless benefits of a higher metabolism and increased calorie burn daily?

Hit2Fit Classes

Bored with your same old workout routine? Every class is ALWAYS guaranteed to be a blood pumping, heavy bag-hitting workout, that ANYONE and EVERYONE can do. Your age or fitness level does not matter... All we ask is you give your 100% every time! Live heart-rate monitoring combined with years of Jeet Kune Do training and HIIT circuits create a monthly curriculum for you, forcing you NEVER to get bored with workouts again. Challenging, engaging, but incredibly fun exercises will lean and tone, transforming you into a true fighter. We have a class for anybody and any "body"!

Meet The Instructors

Professional, experienced, and willing to help you reach your goals.

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