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Who we are

Professional, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable personal trainers anxious to help you reach your maximum potential and goals. We are a motivational community and non-stop inspiration for you to become the best version of yourself!

Co-Founder, Personal Trainer, Kick'n Fit Kids, HIT360, FITMMA Instructor
Anthony Buoniconti 12 years experience
Co-Founder, Personal Trainer, Kick'n Fit Kids, HIT360
Amanda Buoniconti 8 years experience

The question I want to ask you is, "How do you want to live life?" Be...Do...Have... It is really that simple. When I learned this principle of life, MY personal life changed. I used to live a life of Have...Do...Be... mentality. In my fitness, my eating habits, my relationships and my business, I was going insane! Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. My inside soon affected my outside. Then I learned the Be...Do...Have... principle. This simple concept changed my life drastically. Now and forever, my purpose is distill this, my years of knowledge to you while praising and serving God. I will help all I can through wisdom and gifts I have been given. Let me lead you through a new mindset, making weight loss, fitness and martial arts simple and enjoyable!



Being a founder of Hit2Fit, my core belief is you can be the change! You can be that influence for your spouse, your kids, your family, your neighbor, whoever...BE THE CHANGE! We all have doubts, struggles and I can absolutely relate. As an airline pilot I set up to 14 hours a day, being gone from home 4 days a week, eating out and living from a suitcase...a fit, nutritious lifestyle is almost impossible. ALMOST. When you have a passion...nothing will get in your way. Determination becomes routine. I want nothing more than to help you on this journey. Let Hit2Fit lead your path to health and victory.


Hit2Fit Classes

Bored with your same old workout routine? Every class is ALWAYS guaranteed to be a blood pumping, heavy bag-hitting workout, that ANYONE and EVERYONE can do. Your age or fitness level does not matter... All we ask is you give you 110% every time! Live heart-rate monitoring combined with years of Jeet Kune Do training and HIIT circuits create a monthly curriculum for you, forcing you NEVER to get bored with workouts again. Challenging, engaging, but incredibly fun exercises will lean and tone, transforming you into a true fighter. We have a class for anybody and any "body"!

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